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Common questions about Gephi

Data visualization is an essential tool for making sense of the world. Whether it’s tracking global customer behavior, analyzing customer sentiment, or optimizing marketing campaigns – data visualizations are powerful. Gephi is a popular open-source platform for data visualization, but there still remain a lot of questions about the software. […]

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Introduction to Computers and Programming

In this section, we will show you an introduction to the basics of computers and programming, in order to give you a foundation on which to build your skills in the future sections! After learning about how computers work, we will provide instructions on coding so that you can strengthen […]

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A Basic Intro to Gephi

Developing new ways to visualize information has been one of the most active areas in the digital humanities. We have already commented, here on the blog, on the techniques for textual representation in word clouds. But among the projects aimed at manipulating historical, spatial and textual data, the ones that […]

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Did you know about White-hat Hacking?

A white-hat hacker has been defined as someone who uses the best practices of ethical hacking to penetrate and break into computers and other networks. The hacker in the white hat method uses his skills to prevent further damage to computers and networks. All white hat hackers are neither malicious […]

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Big data during pandemic times

Fortunately, technological developments, especially the analysis generated with Big Data, the research of current Chinese experience and in the rest of the world, as well as the application of proper legislation offer strong clues on how to be more prepared for the arrival of a new pandemic.   The role […]

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