Bio4j REST Server configures itself now thanks to the updated CF template

Hi all,

I just wanted to write a very short post informing about the changes in the Bio4jBasicRestServerTemplate.

Template what!?

If that’s what you’re thinking, please go here to get an idea of what’s this all about.

From now on, this CloudFormation template adapts the server configuration files:

  • neo4j-wrapper.conf

to the characteristics of the instance type the server is running in, so that it can make the best out of it.

These configurations assume that the server is running alone in the machine.

For that I created these two new mappings in the template:

  • AWSInstanceType2WrapperConfFile
  • AWSInstanceType2Neo4jPropertiesFile

Default configuration values are available in the bio4j-public S3 bucket. For example in order to have access to the server configuration files of a m1.xlarge instance, just go to this url:

same thing for the other file:

If you want to check the conf files for any other instance type, you just have to change the instance type name in the urls linked above.

Have a good weekend!