Improvements in Bio4j Go Tools (Graph visualization)

Hi everyone!

A new version of Bio4j Go Tools viewer is available, it includes improvements in the graph visualization of GO annotation results. These are the new features:

  • Load GO annotation results from URL: There’s no need anymore to upload the XML file with the results everytime you want to see the graph visualization. Just enter the publicly accessible URL of the file and the server will directly get the file for you.
  • **Restrict **the visualization to only **one GO sub-ontology **at a time: Terms belonging to different sub-ontologies (cellular component, biological process, molecular function) are not mixed up anymore.
  • Choice of layout algorithms: You can choose between two different layout algorithms for the visualization, (Yifan Hu and Fruchterman Reingold).
  • Customizable layout algorithm time: Range of 1-10 minutes.

I also made a short tutorial showing most of the features available in the following real-world use case: GO annotation results for Era7 E. coli TY-2482 annotation with BG7 system of BGI V2 assembly

The corresponding GO Annotation results XML file is publicly available here. Just click the button ‘load file from url’ and paste the address of the file.

For those new to Bio4j Go Tools, two external open-source projects are used apart from Bio4j itself:

that’s all for now, keep an eye on the blog/twitter for updates ;)