Bio4j Go Tools (first version available)

Hi everyone!

As you may have seen Bio4j has already started making his way through the bioinformatics world; however there’s not as much information as there should be about the project yet. That’s where Bio4j Go Tools comes in as the first real-world example using Bio4j as back-end.

Bio4j Go Tools is a group of Gene Ontology related services and apps. (You can find more information about this in the wiki)

The services provided so far are:

  • Uniprot protein GO annotations retrieving
  • GoSlim requests with custom Slim term sets.

Both services results and client-server communication are XML based following a really simple and intuitive structure.

A user-friendly AIR application has been developed allowing the user to directly use these services abstracting the logic of the different requests.

Enjoy it  ;)


  • alper yilmaz When I put a protein id, the tools is asking for location of GoSlim.xml file, where can I retrieve this file? I checked the download page of Gene Ontology ( but couldn’t find it.


    • Pablo Pareja Hi Alper, You’re right it can be a bit confusing the way the app asks for a file location to save the results. I just made some small changes to the app so that things are more straightforward. This version (v 1.01) is already available at Bio4jGoTools github repository
  • alper yilmaz Nevermind, it was asking location and filename to save the results. So, there’s no problem.. Thanks..